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Collection: Loose tea

Discover the large selection of loose teas in our webshop. If you want to buy loose tea that is freshly packaged for you, Teaflower is the right place for you.

We offer an incredibly wide range of high-quality loose teas that have been selected with care and passion. From classic black and green teas to exotic and especially our own blends and flavored variations.

Loose tea: A delight for connoisseurs and lovers

Enjoying loose tea is a tradition that has been practiced in many cultures for centuries. At Teaflower, we have embraced this tradition with passion and dedication. We understand that tea lovers who want to "buy loose tea" are not just looking for a drink, but an entire experience.

What makes loose tea so special?

Unlike tea bags, loose tea offers a richer aroma and a greater variety of flavors. It is made from larger pieces of leaves that better preserve their natural flavor. This allows the tea's complex flavors and oils to fully develop as it brews, resulting in a more intense and nuanced taste experience.

The history of loose tea

The history of tea stretches back thousands of years. Originally discovered in China, tea spread throughout the world via the Silk Road and other trade routes. Loose tea was the only way to enjoy tea for a long time until the invention of the tea bag in the early 20th century offered a new convenience. Nevertheless, loose tea remains popular with tea connoisseurs worldwide because of its unmatched quality and variety.

Why is loose tea appreciated worldwide?

Loose tea is appreciated worldwide for its versatility and rich flavor. It offers an endless variety, from classic varieties such as Darjeeling and Assam to exotic blends and herbal teas. Each cup offers a unique experience that depends on the quality of the leaves, the brewing method and the preparation time.

Teaflower: Freshness and quality in loose tea

At Teaflower, we place particular emphasis on the freshness and quality of our loose tea. We understand that our customers who "buy loose tea" expect the best. That is why we pack our tea fresh and ensure that each variety retains its characteristic flavours and properties. Our range offers the right tea for every taste and every occasion to guarantee an optimal tea experience.

Whether you are an experienced tea drinker or are just discovering your passion for tea, at Teaflower you will find a carefully selected range of loose teas that will enchant your taste buds. Discover the world of loose tea with us and experience how we bring tea to life for you with our expertise and attention to detail.