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Collection: Teabags Tea

We are proud to offer an exclusive range of Ronnefeldt tea bags, including the popular Teavelope and Joy of Tea ranges.

Each bag contains carefully selected leaves to ensure optimal aroma and infusion, whether you want to enjoy a quick cup in the morning, a refreshing afternoon break, or a soothing cup in the evening.

Teabags – Practical enjoyment for every moment

In our hectic everyday lives, it is often a challenge to take time for enjoyment. With "Teabag Tea" from Teaflower we offer a practical yet high-quality solution for tea lovers. Our selection of teabags includes exclusive varieties from Ronnefeldt, including the popular Joy of Tea and Teavelope ranges, which offer something for every taste and mood.

Joy of Tea: Leaf tea for sophisticated enjoyment

The Joy of Tea line is ideal for the discerning tea lover. These high-quality, pre-portioned leaf teas are perfect for enjoying at home, in the office or on the go. The best tea leaves and selected ingredients unfold in a generous net made of environmentally friendly natural fiber, which guarantees an intense taste experience. Every cup offers great taste experiences, whether it is an invigorating black tea, a refreshing green tea or a calming herbal blend.

Teavelope: Variety for every taste

Teavelope® teas are the ideal choice for quick enjoyment. Whether you fancy black, green, fruit or herbal tea, flavored or pure - Teavelope offers quality and variety in practical tea bags. They are ideal for on the go, for a quick cup in between or for those who appreciate the convenience of ready-to-brew tea bags.

At Teaflower, we understand that quality and convenience should go hand in hand. Our Ronnefeldt teabags are proof that quick tea doesn't have to come at the expense of taste. Explore our selection and experience how easy and delicious tea can be, whether you choose Joy of Tea or Teavelope.