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Collection: Assam Tea

Discover the world of Assam tea at Teaflower and let yourself be enchanted by its power and depth. Whether enjoyed pure or in a tea blend, Assam tea is always an excellent choice for anyone who loves the real taste of black tea.

Assam tea – a classic among black teas

Assam tea, one of the most famous and popular black teas in the world, is a true classic that delights tea lovers with its rich and full-bodied taste.

What makes Assam tea so special?

Grown in the fertile valleys of the Assam district of India, this tea is known for its deep, dark color and strong, malty flavor. Assam tea is a must for strong black tea lovers and often forms the base for popular tea blends, including the classic English breakfast tea.

Diverse flavors

Assam tea offers a range of flavours, from sweet caramel nuances to spicy and woody undertones. Its characteristic strong aroma makes it an excellent drink both neat and with milk.

Perfect for the morning

Due to its high caffeine content, Assam tea is a popular choice for a morning energy boost. A cup of this strong tea in the morning awakens the senses and prepares perfectly for the day.

The preparation

For the ideal cup of Assam tea, we recommend bringing the water to a full boil and letting the tea steep for about 3-5 minutes. This allows the rich, full flavor to fully develop.