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Teaflower – tea from Munich’s Viktualienmarkt

The history

The Shuster family has been successful at Munich's Viktualienmarkt for 30 years. Where their tea stand is today, David and Oresta Shuster sold nuts and dried fruit, most of which were covered in chocolate. The merchant prepared the sweet coating himself.

When the opportunity arose five years later to use the neighboring part of the market stall, the two jumped at the chance. A wide range of teas provided a second source of income.

Soon it was about more than just the wide range of products on offer. Ms. Shuster acquired an ever deeper knowledge of this sector. Added to this was her conviction that tea can not only be a pleasure, but also promotes health. Organically certified products are therefore a matter of course at the tea stand at the Viktualienmarkt.

At the same time, Oresta became more and more deeply involved in the traditional health effects of various herbs, as described for centuries by Hildegard von Bingen and other folk medicine practitioners. In conversation and exchange with customers, further tips were added.

These conversations are important to her - as is the constant learning. Her own blends are an important result of the range of products on offer. This has now grown to around 1300 varieties. Comprehensive advice on her teas, such as tea blends and herbs as well as superfoods, is a matter of course for Ms. Shuster and her dedicated team.

All of this is what makes the tea stand at the Viktualienmarkt and the online shop so successful. Come visit us, we look forward to seeing you!

Teaflower – tea from the Viktualienmarkt in Munich, loved since 1996 💚

Our motivation

Welcome to Teaflower, your gateway to a world of flavors, tradition and passion for tea and herbs. Our journey began with a simple idea: to share the love and culture of tea with others. When we opened our first stall at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich, our goal was to create an oasis of calm and enjoyment in the heart of the city. Each tea in our range is carefully selected to ensure that our customers receive only the best quality.

With the opening of our online shop at, we have taken this passion to a new level. Here, tea lovers worldwide can browse our carefully curated range. Whether you are looking for a classic black tea, an exotic blend or a calming herbal tea, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Teaflower. Our online shop reflects our desire to bring the diverse world of tea and our unique stand at the Viktualienmarkt to your home.

Our motivation lies in the joy that a good tea can bring - be it a moment of calm in a hectic day, a warm drink that brings comfort, or an invigorating sip that gives new energy. At Teaflower, we believe that tea is more than just a drink; it is a way of life, an invitation to pause and enjoy. Teas, like herbs, have a centuries-old tradition and have been used for the body and mind since time immemorial. We warmly invite you to share this journey with us.

our philosophy

Quality, a heart for Munich and a passion for teas & well-being

At Teaflower, tea is not just a drink. It is a passion, an art and a source of enjoyment. Our philosophy combines quality, regionality and dedication to create a unique experience that is reflected in every cup of our tea.

High-quality tea specialties

Our journey into the world of tea begins with the search for the best teas. We scour the most remote tea plantations to find only the finest leaves and herbs. Each selection is the result of careful testing and years of experience. Our range includes a wide variety of teas, from traditional varieties to exciting new blends, all of which meet the highest quality standards.

Regionally rooted at the Viktualienmarkt

Our home at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich is more than just a location for us. It is a symbol of our deep roots in the region and our connection to the community. Being close to the producers allows us to incorporate local ingredients and spices into our blends while honoring the traditions and stories of this region. At Teaflower, regionality is not just a buzzword, but a promise that can be found in every sip of our tea.

Expert advice and passion

Our staff share our passion for tea and are experts in their field. They are happy to help introduce you to the fascinating world of tea, answer questions and make recommendations. At Teaflower, it's not just about selling tea, it's about sharing our love and knowledge about it.

Luxury for the senses

Tea is more than just a drink. It is a luxury for the senses that calms the mind and refreshes the body. At Teaflower, we believe that this luxury should be accessible to everyone. Our prices are fair and transparent because we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy our exquisite teas.

Well-being through tea

At Teaflower, it's not just about taste, it's also about your well-being. Tea has a long tradition as a means of promoting health and inner balance. Our teas are carefully selected to not only delight your senses, but also pamper your body and mind.

Our range includes a wide variety of herbal teas, Ayurvedic teas and wellness teas, known for their calming and relaxing properties.

Whether you're looking for a tea to help you relieve stress, sleep better, or refresh yourself, we've got what you need.

Drinking tea is not only an act of enjoyment, but also an opportunity to take a break and pamper yourself. Our tea specialties invite you to treat yourself to a moment of peace, relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

Treat yourself to this luxury and discover how Teaflower can enrich your everyday life. Your well-being is our priority and we look forward to accompanying you on your journey to inner balance and relaxation.

Welcome to Teaflower, where tea touches the soul. Every cup is an expression of our dedication to the craft of tea and our love for our home at the Viktualienmarkt.

The tea connoisseurs 🍵

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