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Collection: Earl Grey Tea

Welcome to the world of Earl Grey teas at Teaflower - a world of elegance and fine flavours. Our carefully curated collection of Earl Grey teas celebrates one of the most famous and loved teas in the world. Known for its distinctive combination of fine black tea and the refreshing aroma of bergamot, Earl Grey offers an incomparable taste experience.

Each Earl Grey in our range has been selected to represent the diversity and sophistication of this classic tea. From traditional blends that reflect authentic British tea culture to modern interpretations with added flavours and ingredients, you'll find the perfect Earl Grey to suit every taste.

Earl Grey Tea – A timeless classic

Earl Grey tea is more than just a drink; it is an institution in the world of tea. At Teaflower, we value this classic tea for its distinctive aroma and elegance. Let's delve into the history and peculiarities of Earl Grey tea.

The history of Earl Grey

Earl Grey tea, named after British Prime Minister Earl Grey, has been a symbol of British tea culture since the 19th century. The classic blend of black tea and bergamot fruit oil offers a refreshing yet soothing taste experience.

What makes Earl Grey so special?

The key to Earl Grey's unique taste lies in bergamot, a citrus fruit whose essential oil gives the tea its characteristic, slightly lemony and floral flavor. This combination, paired with high-quality black tea, results in a tea that is both invigorating and calming.

Different variations

At Teaflower we offer several different variations of Earl Grey, from traditional blends to modern interpretations with additional flavours and ingredients. Each variation retains the characteristic taste of Earl Grey whilst offering new taste experiences.

Perfect for every occasion

Earl Grey is a versatile tea that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is perfect for the morning to have a fresh start to the day or for the afternoon to treat yourself to a relaxing break.

Discover the world of Earl Grey tea at Teaflower and let yourself be enchanted by its timeless elegance and distinctive taste. Earl Grey is not just a tea - it is a tradition that lives on with every cup.