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Collection: Green tea

Green tea is known for its refreshing and health-promoting properties and is a popular choice for tea lovers worldwide. Our range extends from classic varieties such as Sencha and Matcha to finely flavored blends. Each variety promises a unique taste experience that invigorates both body and mind.

Buying green tea – an experience for tea lovers

Green tea is a drink that delights not only with its taste, but also with its history and health benefits. For connoisseurs who want to "buy high-quality green tea", Teaflower offers an exclusive selection that will appeal to every tea lover.

What makes green tea so unique?

Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis, just like black tea. The difference lies in the processing: green tea is steamed or roasted and not fermented, which gives it its characteristic color and a lighter aroma. This gentle processing preserves the antioxidants and nutrients that make green tea so healthy.

The history of green tea

The origins of green tea date back thousands of years, originating in China. Over the centuries, the art of tea making spread throughout Japan and other parts of Asia, gaining popularity around the world. In many cultures, preparing and drinking green tea is a carefully maintained ritual that promotes relaxation and well-being.

Why is green tea valued worldwide?

Green tea is prized not only for its refreshing taste but also for its health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants that can protect against free radicals and is linked to a number of health benefits, including promoting heart health and aiding in weight management.

Teaflower: Your partner for high-quality green tea

At Teaflower, we pride ourselves on offering only the best quality to tea lovers looking to "buy green tea". Our range includes a variety of varieties, from traditional green teas such as Sencha and Matcha to special blends. We ensure that each tea in our range is carefully selected and stored in optimal conditions to guarantee freshness and taste.

Discover the world of green tea at Teaflower and experience how it enriches your tea moments. Whether you are looking for an invigorating start to the day or want to enjoy a calming cup of tea in the evening - our green tea will delight you.