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Collection: Flower tea

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of floral tea at Teaflower, where every cup is a feast for the senses. Our carefully selected collection of floral teas includes a variety of aromatic and delicate flavors made with or from pure flowers such as chamomile, lavender, rose and many others.

Flower tea – A scent of nature and elegance

One of the most delicate and aesthetically pleasing types of tea, flower tea is a true delight for tea lovers who value naturalness and delicacy. At Teaflower, we pride ourselves on offering a range of high-quality flower teas that are not only beautiful to look at, but also delicious to taste.

The essence of flowers

Flower tea is made from the dried flowers of various plants. Each type of flower brings its own unique flavors and properties. From calming chamomile to elegant rose, each flower tea offers a unique experience.

Gentle and soothing

One of the main characteristics of flowering tea is its gentle effects. These teas are known for their calming properties that can help relieve stress and tension. They are an excellent choice for those looking for a natural way to relax and calm down.

Full of natural flavors

Flower teas are free from artificial flavors and additives, making them a pure and authentic choice for tea lovers. Their natural scent and flavor are an invitation to relax and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of nature.

Versatile and inviting

Our floral teas can be enjoyed both hot and cold and are a wonderful way to enhance your day. They are also great for blending with other teas to create new and exciting flavour combinations.

Discover the world of flower tea at Teaflower and be enchanted by the delicacy, fragrance and elegance of these beautiful teas. Each cup is a tribute to the beauty of nature and offers a calm, relaxing tea experience.