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Collection: Green Tea Japan

Welcome to the Japanese Green Tea category at Teaflower, where tradition meets quality. Our carefully selected collection offers an exquisite selection of Japanese green tea, known for its delicate, complex flavors and deep-rooted tea culture. From umami-rich Sencha to sweet, shade-grown Gyokuro, every tea in our range is a masterpiece of the tea art.

Green tea from Japan – A world full of elegance and taste

Green tea from Japan is a symbol of elegance and quality in the world of tea. At Teaflower we offer you a selection of the best Japanese green teas that will take you on a taste journey through traditional Japanese tea culture.

The uniqueness of Japanese green tea

Green tea from Japan is known worldwide for its quality and unique taste. Typical of Japanese green tea is its intense, bright green appearance and its rich aroma, which can vary from umami to sweet. The special processing, in which the tea leaves are steamed, preserves their fresh, green color and full aroma.

Different varieties for every taste

Japan offers a variety of green teas. Sencha, the most commonly consumed green tea in Japan, is known for its balanced, refreshing taste. Gyokuro, often described as the finest of all Japanese teas, is grown in the shade and has a sweet, deep aroma. Matcha, a green tea ground into a fine powder, is popular worldwide in tea ceremonies and as an ingredient in desserts.

Tea culture and tradition

The enjoyment of green tea is deeply rooted in Japan and is an essential part of Japanese culture. The traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which involves the artistic preparation and presentation of matcha, is an expression of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.

Discover the world of green tea from Japan at Teaflower and let yourself be enchanted by the fine aromas and long tradition of these exquisite teas. Each cup is a tribute to the Japanese art of tea and a delight for all who appreciate the fine art of tea.