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Lavender + Chamomile organic

Lavender + Chamomile organic

Pure herbs

Our organic-certified blend of lavender and chamomile is a harmonious composition of natural beauty and relaxation. The delicate lavender flowers and soothing chamomile are known for their exceptional aromas and diverse uses. This unique blend is a natural source of relaxation and well-being and is valued in herbalism and aromatherapy.

Using this organic lavender & chamomile blend can help reduce stress, calm the senses and bring a touch of nature into your life. Our carefully selected and gently processed flowers offer the highest quality and purity. Enjoy the many uses of this unique blend - be it as a calming herbal tea, for making scented pillows or as a natural ingredient in your care.

Ingredients: Lavender*, Chamomile*

*from controlled organic cultivation; DE-ÖKO-037

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  • Infusion temperature: 100°C
  • Brewing time: 8-10 min.
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Lavender + Chamomile organic

€7,90 EUR

Always pour boiling water over the tea and let it brew for at least 8-10 minutes!
This is the only way to ensure that you get safe food.